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Creating High Value Engineering Talent for Robust Economic Growth

How Public-Private-Institute partnership in CAD training can create talent pool across the value chain of all sectors and result in jobs-led growth.

Employability Education, the Missing Link

Developing countries aspire to claim their due share in the global economic and social prosperity. They want to increase their annual household income, by creating more jobs, and increase the standard of life of their people. The key, they know, lies in “job-led” growth.

However, many developing countries face a paradox: industries are not finding people with right skills and people are not finding industries with right jobs. It is clear that employability education and training in higher education is the missing link.

Public-Private-Institute Partnership for Jobs-led Growth in Africa

According to African Economic Outlook, Africa has emerged as one of the fastest growing regions in the world, but the phenomenon of jobless growth combined with the world's youngest population threatens progress of African countries. In order to overcome this challenge, it is essential that Africa invests in technical and engineering education that makes its youth employable and productive.

Customized Public-Private-Institute partnership can go a long way in offering engineering software training to a large number of employed and unemployed people and thus, address the specific innovation and productivity needs of the industries in manufacturing, agriculture, and services sector.

Therefore, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) training, combined with managerial inputs, is the need of the hour.

CAD Skills for Competitiveness

Africa has a well established industry base in oil and gas, power, telecoms, and is genuinely aspiring to create a niche for itself in emerging sectors such as information and communication technology services and biotechnology.

To be competitive, it has to create people with skills to take part in the entire value chain: from conception to design to manufacturing, and beyond. Here CAD education assumes significance, because it is heavily used in all aspects of industrial and organizational functions in the country’s established and emerging sectors.

CAD skills guarantee economic competitiveness because it:

  • Is central to all stages of production – from concept design to mass production
  • Aids sustainable technology
  • Enables innovation and ensures shortened delivery time
  • conserves valuable resources such as time, money and material
  • Ensures employability

Since training in engineering software education with managerial inputs, can vastly improve the country’s talent pool that would in turn help industries innovate and boost their competitiveness, the country should invest in employability education that can identify, address and bridge the skill gaps.

Partner with CADD Centre for Common Goal of Jobs-led Growth

CADD Centre in the past 29 years has created a name for itself in the field of CAD technology. Through the years of quality assured training, CADD Centre has emerged as Asia’s largest network of software training institutes, equipping engineers and creative professionals learn and use software to innovate and create productivity gains.

CADD Centre’s exclusive features:

  • Experienced Training Institution
  • Partnership with all Leading Engineering Software Product Companies
  • Education Combines Engineering and Managerial Techniques
  • Excellent and Quality Assured Training
  • Specialized Training and Guidance
  • Internationally recognized standards and certification
  • Modules designed to meet unique requirements of local industry

CADD Centre is thus well poised to help countries achieve its national objective of job creation and social, economic prosperity.

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