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Project Management

Project management is a managerial discipline. It is data driven and methodologies oriented. Organizations of all hues and colours have projects - temporary activities with specific business goals. These organizations employ professionals trained in project management to increase productivity and achieve their goals with minimum or no wastage of resources.

CADD Centre offers courses in project management that covers theories, practices, and training in project management tools. The infographics provides an outline of the subject and the importance of training in project management.

Software used

A Scientific approach to the collective execution of a task

All about a Project
  • Its's a group activity
  • Its's a temporary endeavour
  • It creates on unique value (a product or service or a result)

What make a value unique?

Uniqueness of the value can be measured in terms of time, cost, and quality. In other words, business are in the race of bringing out a value that is faster, cheaper and better

What a Project Manages?

Schedules Tasks Resources

The Process Groups...

Project management includes five sets of processes - also known as process groups

PM Methoddologies Galore

Project management methodologies typically refers to a body of practices, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a particular discipline.

Example: Methodologies adopted in software industry (based on a study)

V Model
The Process steps move down in a linear way to form the typically V shape.

A sequential design process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through various phases

An iterative, flexible, and incremental method of managing projects.

Business Benefits of PM

According to Economist Intelligence 80% of global executives believe that having project management as a core competency helps them remain competitive.

A Project Management Institute study shows that 60% of senior executives said building a strong project management discipline is a tap three priority for their companies as they look to future.

Some of the business benefits of project Management include:

  • Adoption of best practices
  • Effective contracts
  • Realistic budgeting
  • Scientific cost analysis
  • Better resource management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Clear workflow
  • Higher return on investment
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Quality decision making
  • Innovation
  • Faster problem resolution


Higher Rol


Cost analysis

Why PM Tools?

Software in project management brings a whole set of advantages to project managers including:

Issues are

Visibility to tasks

One view
of all project details

Sharing of

Report on different
aspects of projects

Change requests
can be generated


Important to-dos
for all members

Why Training?

The tools, knowledge and techniques for managing projects are often unique to project Management. Understanding and applying the tools and techniques needs training from the right source.

Effective project management training should also cover PM Book Of Knowledge, standards and regulations set forth by ISO for project management, general management skills and project environment management.

Excel in Project Management with Excellent Training

Demonstrate a better understanding of project-management and mastery of PM tools with training from CADD Centre.

We offer training in MS Project, Primavera, and Astra Power

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