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Product Engineering

"Product engineering is behind the conception to prototyping to manufacturing of products that we use in our daily life. Though it is an engineering discipline, product engineering involves understanding of the needs of the customers by observing their life styles and interacting with them. The primary goals of product engineering is to develop products that meet the expectations of customers in terms of performance, cost, and quality. However, it also concerns with reducing the environmental impact of products and the social cost.

Software used

"The Art and Science of generating ideas and developing them into new products."

Innovation is the Trigger

Demand-pull innovation

Tapping an existing opportunity in the
market by changing the design of an
existing product or by developing new
product. Focus is on solving a design

Invention-push innovation

Exploiting an advancement in science
and technology by creating an
altogether new breed of product.
Focus is on introducing
a new product

The process calls for...

1. Market Research

Contact with potential
customers is vital.
Designers find out want
they need and want
through questionnaires
and surveys.

2. Product conceptualization

Designers brainstorm
different ideas, solutions
that may solve the
problem of customers in a
best way.

3. Evaluation

The Product idea is
Evaluated for their
manufacturability, and

4. Design & Prototype

The Product starts to
become an actual object
in real world

5. Simulate and analysis

Engineers design 2d/3d
Model or physical
Prototype and test
Various aspects of
Product's functions.

6. Transitioning to manufacturing

Engineers coordinate with
The teams of
Manufacturers and
Suppliers in production

Why CAD?


2D Solutions to help companies accelerate their product design processes.


Three-dimensional virtual prototypes help
improve product quality and speed


Efficiently share digital product


CAE Solutions that enable design engineers and cae analysis to validate various aspects of their product

What skills you need?

The product Engineer’s role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use.

They need to know

  • Market research, statistical methods and tools
  • Design thinking and presentation
  • Computer-aided design and simulation programs
  • PFA analysis methods
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes

Learn the concepts and CAD tools with CADD centre. We teach following software:

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