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Bringing Skills to your Classroom

Institutional Training at your reach!

It is undeniable that technology dominates every industrial unit under its umbrella. Therefore, the spreading word of technology is making it essential for the students and professionals to understand, and have hands-on on trending technology.

Though, quality education is accessible throughout all the engineering colleges and institutions but, CADD Centre takes an initiative of boosting education and bridging the pre-dominant skills gap by providing training at their premises.

What Industry Needs?

In addition to the engineering, the industry demands a number of skill sets for the young engineers such as Strong Engineering Fundamentals, Communication Skills, Business Etiquette, Program Development Skills, and Productivity.

CADD Centre is owing to the gap of the industry needs and academic offerings and thereby, decided to offer industry oriented programs to students across engineering colleges.

CADD Centre thought to bridge the gap in the most beneficial way with Systematic Skill Development Program (SSDP) by providing training in their premises.

Systematic Skill Development Program (SSDP)

In brief, CADD Centre intends to regulate SSDP by tying up with academic institutions in engineering as skill development partner. The program will set up taking into account the latest training content and courseware specially prepared for institutional training.

It will take place in the facet of Boot Camps around the world. It aims to
  • Train engineering students in various disciplines at affordable fees
  • Expose potential graduates to career opportunities
  • Develop a career path, which is lacking for most of the students

“Trainers@your reach” This module is going to play the most significant role in giving effective Institutional Training.

Why opt for Trainers@your reach?
  • You will be sent a certified trainer in consideration to your convenience
  • It comes with exceptional courseware to cover relevant training needs
  • It will conserve essential resources such as time and money

Some Value Added Programs,

  • Talk with industry experts on emerging trends and technologies
  • Opportunity to participate in leading design contests
  • Access to enter quiz programs for engineering departments
  • Project Assistance
  • Assistance in creating product prototype, including 3D printing

Overall, the SSDP and engineering courses can go hand-in-hand without hampering the regular schedule. The software training on specific software’s will help students of Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Electrical, IT, Computer Science at various levels.

Also, you will be eligible to take…
  • 75% discount (funded by an agency) on SSDP program
  • International Funds for Skill Development, a CSR initiative by CADD Centre

Colleges and Institutions who are interested in enjoying the benefits of the Institutional training – SSDP, shall not wait anymore.

Sign up for the program and brings training for the students at their reach!

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