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InDesign, Adobe's replacement for PageMaker, is an industry-standard desktop publishing program. Its uses range from print production to digital publishing. Primarily used for layout rather than as a content-creation tool, InDesign has is used to combine text, images, vectors and other prepared content into a finished product for publishing. The newest versions of InDesign allow for a variety of digital publication methods ranging from interactive PDFs to full-fledged iPad applications.

Why should you learn?

  • In InDesign, the graphics are placed and laid out in a form that REAL professional designers know works in an effective way to get a particular message across.
  • It has very powerful text tools and style sheets to make a lot of typesetting operations a LOT easier. Multipage documents, such as books and magazines, as well as newspapers and catalogues can be quickly laid out, as this application was, specifically designed to do.
  • While InDesign can make a few, simple vector grapics, these functions are severely limited. And there is no way InDesign can make color corrections like Photoshop can do.
  • This is the standard in most of the Magazine printing industry. You are doing yourself a favor by learning InDesign.

Learning Objectives:
  • About InDesign and Interface
  • Control palette and features
  • Tool palette and features
  • Working with colors
  • Type menus
  • File arrangement
  • Long document feature
  • Prepress, Preflight and Printing
  • Methods and media

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