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cadd centre
25 years excellence in cad education

Vietnam to experience a potential trigger with CADD Training and Franchise

Being the World’s Largest Network as technical training provider in CAD, CADD Centre began its journey by awarded first authorized training centre by Autodesk in 1988. CADD Centre owes its success to policy of reward-and-responsibility system and looks and treats all the courses offered and all its divisions round the globe in the best possible manner. Nepal was the first Initiative of CADD Centre in the overseas which were started back in 1999. In the last 30 years and with 700 plus franchise centres, it has grown to be a global idea expanding its presence in over 24 other countries.

There has been a significant increase for demand for skills in Vietnam due to combination of inter-industry employment changes. As a result employment opportunities for territory graduates now exist in most of the sectors.

ICT training initiatives in Vietnam

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for development of small and medium-sized exporters in East Asia is working hard to provide high level education and training to millions of people in East Asia. Some of the major programs, ICT wants to implement in near future includes- programs to promote ICT application / industry, program to develop Internet and telecommunications infrastructure and to develop human resource. These programs are designed for all age groups from students to senior citizens offering learning opportunities for all those who aspire to learn.

Thriving industries and design skills in Vietnam

With over 54 tribes and over a long history of trading, tailoring and textile, Vietnam is emerging to be a creative playground for designers. Armed with traditional and natural production processes, many local and international designers have flourished over the years in creating products that emerge Eastern craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

Best product, fashion and interior designers from Vietnam such as Linda Mai Phung, District Eight, Hanoi Design Centre, and Saigon kitsch are the major contributors in the field of designing in the country.

In order to promote such SME’s in Vietnam, the Government created numerous regulatory and institutional mechanisms in the last decade. With such a support from Government for Small and medium size businesses in the country, Vietnam needs skilled people to contribute to these industries and furthermore improving the overall development of the economy.

With thousands of businesses entering the job market, there a great need for skilled and trained manpower to take up the technically competent jobs especially designing, manufacturing and franchise development. CADD Centre’s short term skilled based courses prepare the participants to adopt these skills immediately on the job. CADD Centre is also expanding its branches in Vietnam contributing to its development by offering franchising opportunities. Vietnamese who travel to foreign countries for technical education can now get world class training in their own country. Perusing CADD skills will definitely enable them to enter private sector work, especially in manufacturing and medium scale, constructions and design field.

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