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cadd centre
25 years excellence in cad education

Join CADD Centre franchise and become proud partners imparting skill development training in Botswana

CADD Centre began its journey from being awarded the first authorized training centre by Autodesk in 1988, and now it has grown to be World’s Largest Network as a training provider inCAD/CAM/CAE. In the last 30 years and with 700 plus franchise centres, it has grown to be a global idea expanding its presence in over 24 other countries. As a part of CADD’s vision 2020, CADD Centre has expanded its horizons in Africa by establishing multiple centres at Lagos, Kampala-Uganda, Nairobi-Kenya, DAR- Tanzania, Johannesburg-South Africa, Accra-Ghana and Botswana. With the rise in the rate of higher education in the nation, CADD Centre is offering skill based courses to the aspirants of Botswana to meet the employment challenges of the industries.

For the past decade, the nation has been on a trajectory to establish vibrant tertiary education sector investing knowledge, human resource and local and overseas funding to build a firm system. The Territory Education Council (TEC) has consistently pushed for expansion of higher education in Botswana which began in 2003 under the leadership of its Funding Executive Secretary Professor Patrick Molutsi.

ICT’s Training Initiatives empowering youth

Along with the Ministry of Education and Skill Development, The Institute of Communication and Training also taking initiatives for technical development of the working individuals and youths of the nation. One of the ICT Policies- “The Vision 2016” is a national manifesto of the Botswanan government that articulates the long-term economic goals of the country comprising a number of strategies to meet them.

The various training programs from ICT may include Designing and implementation of the Professional Development among teachers, Develop ICT skills programs for adult and non-formal learners, Introduce a strong ICT proficiency measurement and skills monitoring program, Support e-education research and development,etc.

Immense employment opportunities for Skilled Individuals across the Designing and development Sectors

Botswana is rich in industries such as Diamonds, Copper, Nickel, Soda Ash, Potash, Salt, etc. and Designing and development industries such as Textiles. Botswana also prospers in traditions of product designs in leather, cloth, wood, ivory, gold or other materials. The country thus needs skilled designers having primary objective to understand people’s values and behaviors that can be translated into designs and architecture ideas. CADD Centre is expanding its boundaries to Botswana offering skill based and short term courses for individuals who want to build their career in Designing. CADD Centre also invites entrepreneurs to join as franchise partners and help Botswana grow towards success providing high-end courses and workshops right in their own country.

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