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CADD Centre in Bangladesh:

CADD Centre is one of India’s biggest platforms for “Edupreneurs” – entrepreneurs that create value in education and training. It is the World’s Largest Network as a training provider in CAD/CAM/CAE. In the last 30 years and with 700 plus franchise centres, it has grown to be a global idea expanding its presence in over 24 other countries. Nepal was the first Initiative of CADD Centre in the overseas which was started back in 1999. CADD Centre started in Chittagong, Bangladesh in 2004. Mr K Atique E Rabbani, CEO, CADD Centre - Bangladesh said, “We have the biggest market share at Chittagong and gained the reputation as the one stop service centre for students, foreign goers and corporate in CAD, IAD & Multimedia sector. We owe our success to the warm, prompt, and consistent support from CADD Centre.” Today, CADD Centre has replicated the home-grown franchise model in over 20 countries with the vision to have 1000 franchises in 50 countries by 2020.

Potential of Bangladesh:

The geostrategic location of Bangladesh offers much potential for partnership as it is close to the vibrant and rapidly growing economies of East and South East Asia. “With improving education, technology and economic growth, Bangladesh’s own market of 146.6 m people is becoming increasingly attractive to business and foreign investors. The cost of doing business in Bangladesh has significantly and visibly decreased in recent times”- according to the Board of Investment, Bangladesh.

CADD Centre’s Initiative in Bangladesh so far:

CADD Centre is expanding its base in Bangladesh by opening multiple centres in Chittagong and Uttara. The CADD Centre in Chittagong has been identified as the most popular service centre for students, foreign goers and corporate in CAD, IAD & Multimedia sector. CADD Centre in Uttara caters to training requirements in Dhaka and neighboring.

  • Globally acclaimed courses: In association with various internationally acclaimed software companies, CADD Centre Bangladesh provides courses ranging from AutoCAD, Primavera, Max for Engineers, SolidWorks, StaadPro, AutoCAD Civil 3D to Revit and Interior Design and Architecture.
  • Training students in engineering, interior and fashion designing sector and schools: We offer plethora of courses for students and engineers in various engineering disciplines including software, 3D model designing, and Product management/ planning which would meet the real world needs. The programs of CADD Centre Bangladesh are “designed to offer the highest level of quality and most up-to-date hands-on training, in an instructor-led environment.”
  • Contribution to the Overall Advancement of the Career: CADD Centre Bangladesh offers a complete package of essential knowledge for a bright career. It develops one’s skill in the field of Project managementby implementing the theory with the help of software programs like Microsoft Project and Primavera.
  • Corporate Training Business: Our programs are crafted in such a way so as to cater to the needs of the corporate houses. The knowledge provided can recognize the training requirements of the corporate employees. The voids that deter productivity and efficiency due to the lack of CADD skills can be filled again with this knowledge and customized training solutions.

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