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Short for Adobe Flash, Flash is a software program that allows users to create animated works that are typically saved as .FLV and can be viewed over the Internet. It was originally developed by FutureWave, (known as Future Splash Animator) then was later renamed and introduced to the public as Macromedia Flash 1.0 in 1996, shortly after the Macromedia purchased the product. Later in April 2005, Adobe announced plans to purchase Macromedia, which was finalized and completed by the end of 2005.

Why should you learn?

  • Commonly used for creating vector graphics animation, games and rich Internet applications(RIAs) that can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player.
  • Flash is frequently used to add streamed video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to web pages, although usage of Flash on websites is declining.
  • Flash is as easy as it is diverse, with several professional paths available to those versatile with the program.
  • There's a great demand for Flash artists who can make convincing Web advertisements. Flash is something every site and every Web user is likely to have, so its technological reach is vast.

Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction to General work flow of 2D Animation
  • Creating Drawings
  • Lasso Tool File
  • Create Drawing in stage using Pen Tool
  • Time line Effects
  • Applying Filters
  • Detailing about Timeline
  • Layer
  • Animating Objects alongpath-Motion Guide
  • Animating Gradients
  • Working with Text-Static
  • Working with multiple scenes
  • Creating animations for web Sites
  • Projects

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