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We understand your challenges. We offer training to over 5,500 corporates in India and abroad. This gives us a wide exposure to the challenges and aspirations of industries in various engineering, oil & gas, civil & construction, technical consulting fields. We know how to align the objectives of training with the objectives of your business.

We offer end-to-end training. With CADD Centre, we can train your technical and non-technical staff who are engaged in various stages of product development. We offer comprehensive training in leading CAD/CAM/CAE and Project Planning & Management software. This enables us to take complete responsibility for increasing the productivity of your staff.

Our trainings are tailor made. Core competencies of companies within the same sector differ. Therefore, we tailor make our training programmes to infuse those skills that add up to the big picture. When we design a training programme for you, we take into account your immediate and future business needs; existing skill sets, and aspirations of your team.

We are vendor neutral. We provide training in over 25 engineering and project management software. We mix different software and modules in training so as to match your professional interests. For instance, a training programme in 3D structural analysis could have two competing products like AutoCAD Civil and Bentley’s STAAD.Pro - if that is what it takes to deliver results.

Our trainers make the difference. Having been in the business of training for over 25 years, we have a rich repository of knowledge in training technical and non-technical staff. Our corporate trainers are experts in their subjects. They are professional trainers with ten years of experience in training on average. They are also trained to train people with different age, social, cultural and educational backgrounds across 20 countries using English or the local language as the medium of instruction.

Our course materials work. Our course materials are exclusive. We offer world class reference guides and practice workbooks based on how the training programmes are customized. The materials meet the training requirements of the participants.

Our certifications are recognized world over. There is probably no other certification from a vendor-neutral training company in CAD/CAM/CAE domain that enjoys the same visibility and recognition across the world as our’s. Our certifications are testimony to your talent. With our certifications, you can be rest assured of your capabilities.

We are with you after training. Learning is self-paced. Most of it happens when people are on the job, after they have gone through the training. Our engagement with participants continue post training. We answer their phone calls or emails with the information, guidance and tips they may seek.

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