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Educational Institutions are continuously faced with the challenge of producing citizens that are ready to take on an ever-changing world. CADD@School is an initiative that seeks to aid Educational Institutions with this daunting task both at the school and the collegiate level. CADD@School training program is a customized training program that has been framed in such a way so as to equip your students to think, imagine, explore, innovate and create real world products. Classrooms ought to be a digital zone that will enable the students to enter the engineering mindset.

This mindset develops when the students grasp complex scientific concepts of the school or college curriculum in a practical way. CADD@School remains a value addition program that seeks to widen the horizons of the student without becoming an obstacle to the regular curriculum. The training using our licensed software will take place on campus in a convenient manner for both the student and the institution.

At Schools

Schools are the perfect place to explore areas of interest, it is imperative therefore to introduce students to the varied fields that have the possibility of drawing their interest. It is at this juncture that the CADD@School concept provides a helping hand to schools.

The students gain an immense competitive advantage by being participants of CADD@School.

CAD draftsman program is a 64-hour module to teach and train your students on Theory in engineering drawing fundamentals and creating 2D designs using software. Hands on Training will be provided on 2D drafting using one of the most popular software that is being used by professionals, consultants and industries throughout the world to create real world products. The will thus step into college with a prior knowledge of the basics of engineering drawing.

At Colleges

Employability has become a key attribute of students who pass out from colleges. The industry requires, expects and demands ready-to-employ manpower; it has become necessary for students to equip themselves with skill based knowledge to get the competitive edge over others. After gaining employment the challenges are different because most organizations delegate responsibility by giving a macro view of the expectations and objectives the candidate might in such situations feel lost.

CADD@School addresses these issues by training the students in technical, management and soft skills. The CADD@School program is a customized in-house CAD/CAM/CAE training program where engineering students will learn the techniques of Drafting, Designing, Analyzing and Manufacturing products effectively, conveniently and at reasonable costs.

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