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In 1988, CADD Centre was appointed by Autodesk as the first authorised training centre. From such humble beginnings CADD Centre today has emerged as Asia's largest training provider in the specialized spectrum of CAD/CAM/CAE. This fast paced growth, taking CADD Centre from one milestone to another, is because of CADD Centre's commitment to quality.

CADD Centre has witnessed growth that has expanded beyond the borders of India. Making its presence felt in over 24 countries CADD Centre is ensuring that Quality Assured training is taking place around the globe. The motto of CADD Centre "To provide CAD education that makes students employable and their employees innovative" has been reflected in each new CADD Centre. It is this consistency that makes association with CADD Centre an appealing opportunity.

The CADD Centre Overseas Operations began way back in 1999; the first international initiative began in Nepal. Sri Lanka and Malaysia since 2003 have been partners of CADD Centre and have witnessed rapid growth ever since. The Middle East region too has witnessed growth of CADD Centre in countries such as Oman, Qatar and UAE.

Asia's contribution to the ICT revolution remains unparalleled. The technical contributions of Asia continue to grow as more skilled resources are created daily.

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